Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation is honored to have the following people as a part of our leadership team.

10307391_10205069612568065_6654688130277989595_nRobin Gunther 

Founder and President of Baja California Spay-Neuter Foundation

A former Director of Technologies at a major Fortune 500 company in the U.S.,  Robin left the corporate world in 2007 to move with her husband to Rosarito, Mexico. As a lifelong animal lover, she initially volunteered at the City Dog Pound but soon realized that focused efforts on the animal overpopulation problem would have a much greater impact on the community in the long term.  For 4 years she held the role of Executive Director for the Give Some Life Foundation, during which time over 10,000 animals were sterilized. Upon receiving notice that GSL foundation would be dissolving at year end 2013, Robin eagerly began to create a new low-cost spay neuter foundation so this necessary work could continue in Baja.  In addition to caring for her own 8 dogs, Robin also finds time to participate in the Rosarito Animal Protection Committee, foster sick, abandoned puppies and street dogs at her home. She says ‘I had to retire to find my purpose.’

IMG_2707Dr. Terry Paik, DVM


Terry was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  He received his DVM from the University of California, Davis, in 1974, and joined a mixed-animal practice in El Cajon, CA.  After selling his practice in 1998, he has been able to devote more of his time to reducing animal suffering through his participation in spay/neuter projects at home and around the world.  He has been involved with spay/neuter projects in Chernobyl, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Guam, and extensively in Mexico.  In addition to regularly participating in HQHV (High Quality High Volume) Spay Neuter clinics, Dr. Paik enjoys sharing his knowledge and techniques with local veterinarians both at home and abroad.  He is also active in disaster preparedness, response, and training and has been on multiple deployments. He is committed to help reduce animal overpopulation and suffering. Awards: SDCVMA’s Distinguished Service Award (2004), CVMA’s Outstanding Service Award (2009), UC Davis Alumni Achievement Award (2010)

12494739_10153329820282688_2114018723135564544_nKeith Lopez Kleinstiver, Ed.D.


Keith is an Education Specialist who has educated children with disabilities for the past 19 years.  Animals have always been part of his life as long as he can remember, bringing unconditional love and companionship.  In his professional life he has witnessed the miracles that assistive dogs have worked with students with disabilities, bringing about amazing change in their behaviors, when human interaction could not. Keith has always been a proponent for sterilization and was overwhelmed by the number of stray dogs and cats encountered after his move to Baja. ‘All these animals just want to be loved and to give love, but most live very hard and short lives’.  He saw that the only solution to this tragic condition is educating more people of the necessity of spaying/neutering and providing these services at convenient and low cost. Keith and his husband Felipe are the proud parents of 4 feisty Schnauzers.

IMG_1178Helene Angoco

Board of Directors

Helene is a native San Diegan.  Her very first memory is of feeding a cat at the age of two.  Helene volunteered many years with a local cat rescue group, and also Feral Cat Coalition in San Diego, a group that spay/neuters feral and stray cats.  It didn’t take her long to figure out that doing rescue without “turning off the faucet” wasn’t going to work.  For this reason, Helene decided to become more active in spay/neuter efforts.  She considers Baja to be San Diego’s back yard. When she learned that most cities in Baja Mexico routinely rounded up dogs and killed them she knew that she had to get more involved in the movement to help save animal lives.  In addition to being a Board member, Helene is also leading the Standards and Procedures advisory board, and regularly volunteers at BCSNF clinics.

IMG_0807Rebeca Serrano, MVZ

Medical Director

Doctora Serrano graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) in 1999. During her training that lead to her MVZ (Medico Veterinary Zootecnista), she also attended the University of California at Davis in their School of veterinary medicine.

Doctora Serrano participated in the first ever Give Some Life Foundation spay/neuter clinic held in Tijuana in November of 2001 and was named Medical Resident for Tijuana clinics in 2003. She continued in that role until her appointment in 2006 as the Medical Director, a post she held until 2011 when she left to spend a year as Primary Veterinarian and Medical Trainer for the Cabo San Lucas Humane Society. During her tenure, she not only sterilized thousands of animals but also trained local vets to perform a minimally invasive sterilization technique. Upon her return in January 2012 to her private veterinary practice in Tijuana she became the Medical Director for the Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation. As the Lead Veterinarian at the Tijuana Animal Control she was instrumental in achieving improved facility conditions, expanded services to include cats, education of employees and volunteers in proper resident care, reduced euthanasia rates, and institution of  an  adoption program.


cathyCathy Mishkin Bliss

Board of Directors


As a gold medalist ice skater, Cathy personally knows what it takes to be in optimum health and to have focus and drive to win. As a business owner, she built a mobile book business that generated over a million dollars in sales each year. She knows persistence and dedication and great customer service and is a natural at fundraising and event planning. Cathy and her husband Bill share their home with two pups rescued from Baja Mexico.


Marie Chenery

Process & Procedures Advisory Board

Raised in Iowa, Marie Chenery jumped unexpectedly into the world of stray animal care when she moved to the island of Guam in 1988. Guam had an enormous stray animal problem and no humane society. As an animal lover since childhood, she eagerly joined a group of other concerned citizens to create a humane society.

The group worked with the government of Guam to provide proper animal care at the government-run animal shelter.  Knowing that sterilization is the only solution to reducing the stray animal population, Marie began to focus her efforts on affordable sterilization programs by organizing large spay neuter clinics on the island.  In nine years, they sterilized over 4,000 dogs and cats.

After relocating to El Cajon, CA in 2009, Marie immediately began volunteering at sterilization clinics in Mexico and has become a committed volunteer and active member of the BCSNF Standards and Procedures Advisory board.