The Vets of Baja Spay Neuter have been performing surgeries for the past 20 years in Baja. They are recognized as experts in their field and after thousands of spay/neuter surgeries they have seen it all! They are skilled  at performing early age sterilizations on kittens and pups (3mos and up), and are experienced at handling more difficult cases such as females in heat, with pyometra, or late term pregnancies. Minimally invasive incisions,  1 stitch, and a tattoo are the marks of their expertise. After a full week of work at their offices, they willingly show up to work clinics on the weekends. Please show your support by frequenting their private practices. Each Veterinarian also gladly accepts Baja Spay Neuter Sterilization Vouchers.  

Medical Director – Dra Rebeca Serrano, Ave. Queretaro #2331 -3 Col. Cacho, Tijuana  664.215.0854

Dr Gilberto Palafox, Sharpei Clínica Veterinaria, Boulevard HiSense/Sharp, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Rosarito 661.107.1080

Dr Hector Ackerman, Hospital Serveter, Av. Einstein 1301, Buena Vista, Lázaro Cárdenas, 22416 Tijuana, 664.683.7932

Dr Mariano Zarco Robles, Tijuana, Col. Loma Bonita, Camino Altura Salvatierra #7200 Local 75 Plaza Bonita, Tijuana 664.636.4171








Dr Jaime Urrea, Rosarito City Veterinarian 661.661.8854