Host a Clinic

Did you know…

The B.C. Spay Neuter Foundation can take Spay and Neuter Clinics “on-the-road” to any neighborhood or town in Baja?

We can go ANYWHERE.  A totally self-contained vehicle holds the equivalent of: ONE Registration Area; ONE Anesthesia/Antibiotic area; TWO Surgical Preparation Areas; up to FIVE operating tables; and ONE Recovery Area. It contains canopies, work tables, surgical tables, stretchers, stools, and a medicine cart completely stocked.  Those are the “large” items. Tucked in between and packed into boxes are sterile surgical drapes, sterile surgical gloves, pre-packaged sterilized ‘sets’ of  instruments, newspaper, paper towels, extra surgical instruments, bottles of antiseptics, cleaning agents, bottled water, surgical prep tools  (pet hair vacuum, clippers), towels, blankets, wastebaskets, and garbage bags of all sizes. Last but not least, it holds the most experienced Spay/Neuter team in all of Baja.

The versatility of our efficient spay/neuter protocol enables our vets to perform surgery in any location with a minimum of commonly available materials.

Fact: During a typical campaign—beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m., five veterinarians can spay or neuter up to 150 animals. They can sterilize this amount in a single day because this is their specialty, they have done hundreds of thousands of surgeries and they are experts – free or low cost does not mean low quality.

Our M*A*S*H (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital)  Travel Clinic Models…

Pick a Date: Locally, it has to be a Sunday because our vets work Mon-Sat at their offices and at Animal Control – Reserved dates can be seen here ->Current Schedule

All we really need is a room or garage*, an electrical outlet, and a water source; we provide absolutely everything else including the people. Some questions to think about are: How many animals would you like to sterilize? What timeframe are you looking at? Weekday or weekend? Let us know what would suit your needs and we will gladly work with you to schedule a clinic. 

*Note: In cooler weather we can bring canopy rooms.

In order to be inclusive, we welcome your local Vet to observe the campaign and we would also be willing to distribute their business cards for follow up care, and suture removal.  Baja Spay Neuter also offers Vet training.

Single and Multi Day Clinics are available

  • $25 dollars an animal (dog, cat, male, female, large, or small, pregnant, or in heat).

  • You tell us how many animals (minimum 20) and we will staff accordingly.

  • We accept cash, US checks made out to Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation, or you are welcome to use a credit card via PayPal account – [email protected]

Note: Additional travel charges may apply if  an overnight stay is required.

Want us to come to your neighborhood? Just tell us where to go…

Note:  We reserve the right to offer entrance to any privately contracted clinic to the public for the same price

Email : [email protected]

US Number: (602) 449-8257 or (619) 906-7294 (msg)

Mexico Number: 661 612 49 03 English

Mexico Cell Number: 661 123 36 19 Spanish/English

Baja Spay Neuter Foundation, 511 E San Ysidro Blvd #5218, San Ysidro CA 92173

All BCSNF vets also offer a low-cost spay or neuter through the Baja Spay Neuter voucher program at their personal clinics. Just paypal $25 per surgery to [email protected] and we will send you a voucher(s) to be used at your convenience at any of our Vet’s offices with a n appointment.