Community Cat Program

Funding is critical for this program to continue. So, the Cat Whisperers (Maureen, Chandra, Sally, Lee, Karen, and others) who have been trapping and bringing them in for surgery have a plan so they can continue their project. 

That is where you come in….help them help the local cats and kittens. You get a cool shirt designed by Chandra that will spread the word every time it is worn, and 100% of the proceeds got to the Cats! 

Update Aug 2018 – This T-shirt fundraiser is over but stay tuned for the next one!

Order Now Click here —> I want to order a shirt NOW!   (fyi…if your IP address is Mexico it says shipping is $12.50 but after a US address is entered it drops to only $3.99) 


What is a Community Cat? Animal Control in Rosarito and Tijuana does not take cats and most cats are not indoor pets so just about every Baja cat is a Community Cat some are more feral than others.  

Why are there so many? Community/Feral cats are booming in Baja. We have several mild winters and more people than ever are feeding them. Education and culture change has been slow. We often hear ‘They are not mine, why should I pay for their surgery?’ The locals still feel that poison and relocation are the preferred methods of dealing with them. 

What to do? Several locals have worked within their community to hand our literature and explain the benefits of T-N-R to their guards and neighbors. They have taken on the responsibility to Trap, Neuter, and Return them to where they were trapped. 

How can you help?

PayPal donations to [email protected] are always welcome, just put CATS in the Note section so the funds will be directed to the Community Cat program or you can also request a specific electronic Vouchers at $25 dlls each. 

Thank You