Sterilize your pets!

Veterinarian Training

IMG_667712507030_569150276572982_425370754_nIMG_6676Training is an important component of the Baja Spay Neuter Mission Statement.  Our goal is to promote ongoing population control of companion animals throughout Baja.  One objection we often hear is that Low Cost S/N organizations cause unfair competition for local vets. We feel that as more vets become proficient in the Efficient Spay/Neuter Technique it will actually provide a new revenue stream for them while promoting a permanent population control mentality in the community.


 As part of their education, all vets are trained in the basic male & female sterilization surgery but most in Mexico do not have much small animal training or the volume of S/N surgeries to become proficient, confident, experts.  Our vets routinely do 150-200 surgeries a month and are acknowledged experts in their field as evidenced by the demand for their skills by other organizations.


 Let them teach your vet the tips and tricks they have learned and perfected during the past 20 years. They willingly share the time and cost minimizing techniques that will make it feasible for your vet to also offer low cost surgeries on a regular basis. They will bring back all the information in an easy to read  manual (Spanish & English) which contains educational materials, supply lists, brochures, campaign forms, job descriptions, etc. for you to mount your own Low Cost Spay Neuter Campaigns in the future.

If you would like to sponsor the cost of 1 day of training for a veterinarian the cost is $150.00 dollars