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Thanks to your generosity, so far over 10,800 unwanted  kittens and puppies will not be born into a short, painful, and fearful life in 2017! We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible.

May 21, 2017

Pet Beach Day 2017

Save the Date: Get ready for the most anticipated event of the year in Rosarito!!!! Have fun with your family and your pet! On Sunday, 21 May we invite you to join us in the second year of Pet Beach Day (new location see map below). There will be games, gifts, demos, and activities for the whole family. Marci Plopper, popular local dog trainer will be offering FREE dog Obedience classes. If you would like to be part of the event to offer food, drinks, retail sales, or animal related products and services, 10’x10′ booth space is available to rent for an affordable $20 dollars and optional canopies also available for an additional $20 dollars. Non-Profit and Rescue groups can reserve booth space for free. Pet Lives Matter!  Remember the 21th of May!! 

For more details, race registration, or vendor reservations click here: Pet Beach Day


Come join us to discuss the Cat problems and solutions in your community. Charly’s 1:00pm on Feb 27. If you need instruction or would like to borrow Cat Traps and schedule a clinic contact Alex 661.123.36.19 9am-5pm


Once again we received a generous donation from Baja Ponchos. Their donation will be funding a 20 animal clinic in the near future. Please support those that support us. And currently they are offering free shipping. Doesn’t Blanche looks so cute in her poncho? Besides, what else would a fashionable  Mexican street dog wear??






So excited!!! Can’t wait to help more animals and train more Vets!

Please help us get the RV Rolling!

PayPal is [email protected] (mention RV Fund)

Mailing address: 511 E. San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, CA 92173








 Our Feral Cat program is now possible! Look for announcement in Jan 2017

July 19, 2016 – Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp in Rosarito has started again.  This session our class is called ‘Amor Animal’ (Animal Love) to encourage the kids to view all animals a living, breathing beings that have feelings too. All living creatures deserve to be treated humanly and cared for with kindness.  During camp we will discuss farm animals, local wildlife, and exotic wildlife in addition to pets. Each session they will gain an in-depth knowledge about a particular animal including things such as habitat, diet, population, what/who are their threats, and how can we help to improve their life and protect them? The class will finish up with a handprint craft of the animal to take home in hopes they will share their new knowledge with their family. 









May 28, 2016 – Thank you once again Baja Ponchos for your generous donation!

My Blanche loves her Baja poncho blanche

Your pet can have a poncho made from an authentic hand-woven Mexican serape blanket. Each blanket is unique, therefore each Baja Poncho is unique and it is a win-win because you get a great coat and also a portion of every purchase goes towards helping homeless dogs in Baja California, Mexico.

Click here to go to Baja ponchos website


May 22, 2016    Pet Beach Day in Rosarito

The 1st annual Pet Beach Day was held in Rosarito, MX to show our local government that Pet lives Matter. We wanted top encourage social conscience on the care of the pets and also the care of the beaches. Each person received a flyer and ‘Poop Bag’, educating the owners to clean up after their animals so as not to pollute the sand for others. This event was sponsored by Baja Sand and over 100 people and their pets participated. All sizes of dogs and even a little pig.

Pet beach Day

May 4-13 – Veterinarian Training – After completing minimally invasive Spay/Neuter training with Dra Rebeca Serrano, the trainees Dra Aleli and Dra Tatyana are participating in a recent Tijuana clinic under Dra Rebeca’s supervision.



April 21-26  – 252 animals were sterilized by Dra Rebeca Serrano and Dr Eriksen this past week in Barra de Potosi and Los Achotes (3 hours north of Alcapulco) … amazing in itself but when you think about it the impact it is so far reaching. Approximately 40 animals were in various stages of pregnancy with an average of 6 in each litter (some had up to 11!) so right there at least 240 animals will not be born in these small villages within the next few months. Our very conservative estimate (3 litters a year of 4 per litter) suggest the impact is well over 3,000 in just this year alone! That does not take into account the reproduction pyramid of each animal and their offspring over their many fertile years. Thank you Stasya Briggs and Amigos de los Animales volunteer team thank you for inviting us back, we love you for making a difference in your community!

April 10-11 Baja Grooming Competition.

We were excited to be invited to have a booth at the International 2016 Baja Grooming Competition. Over the past 2 days we were able to spread the word about spay/neuter, and also to advertise the upcoming Pet Beach Day in Rosarito! We are hopeful that a large crowd turns out on May 22nd so we can show the government of Rosarito that PET LIVES MATTER!




Jan 23 Fernando and his fur friends

Recently I went to meet a kind gentleman that lost his home due to heavy rains in Rosarito…then I found out his 17 dogs also lost their home. Fearing a ‘hoarder’ situation with that many animals I went to visit Fernando and bring him a 50lb bag of dog food. I found his dogs well socialized, and cared for. I soon learned that most had migrated to from the neighborhood to his shack because they had been abused or just realized he often fed the dogs before himself. He proudly told me hen had recently taken several with bad skin infections to the Vet and had the antibiotics to treat them. He told me he had an account at a local Vet but I doubt it is ever paid. More likely a kind Vet in town is treating them for free. Fernando is frequently seen walking through town with 6-10 well behaved dogs in tow. Several individuals and local charity groups have stepped up to help him rebuild his house and we helped move and set up a camper shell to provide some shelter for the animals before the next rains come. But more is need to help this kind soul so our next project in early March is to vaccinate, sterilize, worm, and provide flea/tick treatments for all Fernando’s dogs and if funds permit also his neighbors pets. This community of squatters needs your help please be part of the solution and help Fernando care for his family please donate today.




Happy New Year!

2015 was a fabulous year, and you made it happen!  Calls to action for the Dump Dog Project, Angel Paws Brochures, Golden Elephant Auction, and the Hoarder 40 project were answered, and the result was a total success.

You made it possible for us to exceed all goals set for the year!

Forty-five (45) spay/neuter clinics were held, 300 more animals were sterilized than in 2014, and most importantly 7,000 students attended our Animal Appreciation education presented at clinics, in schools, or in our booth during expos and festivals.  Thanks to our Angel Paws donors 10,000 educational brochures featuring animal care and sterilization were distributed during these sessions.

In February, our Medical Director, Doctora Rebeca Serrano, won 1st runner up at the Baja Women Entrepreneur Awards in the category of Innovation for introducing Mass Spay Neuter to the Baja community.  She shared her dream of expanding Veterinarian education so each neighborhood and Colonia could have low cost sterilization available on a permanent basis.  Mobile MASH clinics could then be brought in to the small villages and towns in Baja that do not have a Vet in residence.

This past year we teamed up with several local Rescue groups who either hired us or partnered with us to offer recurring free or low cost clinics in their neighborhoods.  We truly value our relationships with these groups that save, rehabilitate, and adopt out the many animals born on the streets of Baja.  The organizations which make a difference on a daily basis include: Baja Animal Sanctuary (BAS) in Rosarito, Stella’s Hope clinics in Venustiano Carranza, Cindy Kirchoff of Rancho Exilies in conjunction with BARN (Baja Animal Rescue Network) in La Mision, V.I.V.A of San Felipe, and in Ensenada, St. Paco’s Second Chance and Ellos Son La Razon.

Newly appointed Education Director, Claudia Araujo, instituted a grass roots program of targeted community education in public and private schools followed by a clinic in the local neighborhood. In addition to the standard clinics in Rosarito, Tijuana, San Felipe, and Ensenada we also travelled to Barra de Potosi, a small town outside of Zihuantenajo, MX. A plea on Facebook connected us with a former Rosarito resident, Stasya Briggs, who needed help to sterilize a 100 animals in her village. This spring we plan to return again to train their local Vet to do sterilizations so she can carry on and service their village in the future.

In December, we traveled to the Valle de Guadalupe and held our second annual free spay/neuter clinic at the Kumai Indian Reservation. Twenty six (26) Indian children attended the education session and many of them brought their animals to be sterilized the next day. Several even volunteered to help out during the clinic.

Once again, we were active participants in the Animal Advisory group to the Rosarito government, continuing our commitment to improve the lives of all animals. We were also selected to be an official Investigator for animal abuse in Rosarito. The process moves at a snail’s pace but we won’t give up until the Animal Protection law is enforced 100%.

Four Veterinarians were trained in 2015 and we hope to increase that to a minimum of 20 Vets in 2016. In addition to Community Education, Veterinarian training will be one of the primary focus areas for the year. We are in the process of developing a training module and accompanying marketing materials to demonstrate the benefits of utilizing a minimally invasive surgical technique. With training, it is feasible for every local Vet to offer quick, safe, low cost sterilizations in their office.  It is a win-win for all. Client loyalty is gained and there is an increased chance the animal will return for regular care. We are pleased that the Rosarito City Veterinarian, Dr Jaime Urrea, is currently in training and will join our team.

The animals of Baja continue to need your help for a better life. The New Year brings new needs and we hope you will again support our efforts. We cannot do it alone, but together we will change Baja.

Thank you,

Robin Gunther, President


Year end thoughts

November is a month of giving thanks. We are thankful we were busy! 5 days of clinics and almost 200 animals will no longer contribute to overpopulation Baja Mexico. Currently there are 5 clinics scheduled for the first 2 weeks in December so we are grateful that the concept and value of spay neuter is spreading. As always there are more animals than money but we are also grateful for the generous donors that have kept us going this year.  Wishing Happy Holidays to all. And remember….



Barra de Potosi Clinic

Oct 17-19, 2015 – Barra de Potosi, Guerrero Mexico (located near Ixtapa/Zhuatanejo). 100 cats and dogs were sterilized in Barra de Potosi thanks to Stasya Briggs owner of B&B Hacienda La Rusa. It all started with a Facebook plea for help and of course we said we would be there to support her! Stasya, the local ‘animal angel’, had only been able to sterilize 4 animals a week at the Humane Society in Zhuatanejo and wanted to do so much more.  We arrived and immediately began education in the local schools to over 300 students and met with the village adults to explain the process and answer questions. Their trust in Stasya was evident and the turnout was amazing.  We were so fortunate to be hosted at her beautiful B&B Hacienda La rusa and all the local Expats teamed up to welcome us like Kings with amazing meals, a cocktail party, and plenty of volunteers during the clinic. It was a wonderful experience and we are making plans to visit again soon. Thank you Stasya you are asking a difference in your community! #changetheculture


Successful Fundraiser

On Wednesday Oct 7th Carol Seagrave (Do I hear $20? Auctioneer), and Cathy Bliss (Vanna) held a ‘Golden Elephant’ fundraiser to benefit Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation at Susanna’s Restaurant in downtown Rosarito. The event was a huge success bringing in $1,040 dollars which will sterilize 52 needy female dogs and cats.  Each attendee brought clothes, jewelry, or household items as a donation for the auction. A great time was had bidding on each others items. A special treat and big hit of the evening was Robin MacKenzie’s fashion show of designer clothes. Bidding was fast and furious and it was a win-win for us and the animals. Thanks to all. Those without a voice appreciate it!

Oct 1-2 2015 Rosario Expo Ambiente – This week Baja Spay Neuter was privileged to present 2 days of educational workshops on Animal Welfare and Sterilization to thousands of local public and private school students in Rosarito. The children listened to a short presentation and then were given cards where they had to decide if the subject was a Good (Bueno) or Bad (Malo) treatment of pets. Thanks to 20 generous donors we were able to give each child brochures (The Benefits of Sterilization & What is Rickettsia?) to take home to share with their families. The younger children also took home a ‘contract’ for their parents to sign asking their help to take good care of the family pets. (click on photo below to see the event slideshow)


She needs your help!

Baja Spay Neuter - Lucy

Your recurring $20 dollar donation will change lives every month! For the cost of a weekly trip to Starbucks a needy dog like Lucy can be spared the torture of repeated sexual attacks (often leading to TVT a sexually transmitted cancer) and multiple litters which she will watch suffer and die on the streets.

If you join our SPAY PATROL today we will send you our coffee cup gift so each morning as you enjoy your cup of coffee you will be reminded that you are part of the solution.

Winter is coming soon check out K9 Ponchos

Your pet can have a poncho made from an authentic hand-woven Mexican serape blanket. Each blanket is unique, therefore each K9 Poncho is unique and it is a win-win because you get a great coat and also a portion of every purchase goes towards helping homeless dogs in Baja California, Mexico.

Clikck here to go to K9Ponchos

Rosarito Spay Neuter Clinic

Feb 1 clinic with Holli

On February 1st, Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation held a neighborhood clinic. 49 animals were sterilized and our Director of Education, Claudia Araujo educated the crowd on Animal Welfare. She also handed out brochures on several topics such as being a responsible owner, why sterilization is important, and information on ticks and fleas. Thanks to donations from Stella’s Hope and Susana Hermosillo we were able to hold a free drawing and gave away 10 bags of dog food and 10 cat scratching posts.

Sterilization Clinic, A Huge Success At Kumiai Village

Village event

The first ever Baja Spay Neuter Clinic at the Kumiai village this weekend was a huge success! At first the tribe was reluctant and showed very little interest. But curiosity grew as some of the prominent members brought their animals. A total of 30 animals were sterilized which will have a big impact in this community. The best part of the trip was relationships were built and a dialog started. Each child received a stuffed animal and each animal received a collar thanks to a generous donation from local rescue, Baja Animal Sanctuary. The best part of the trip is the Kumiai village will now have the option to manage overpopulation through sterilization!

Unsolicited Testimonial from a volunteer at a recent Spay Neuter Clinic

Hello my name is Ariana Ampudia,

I have known Rebecca or Bere since I was born…26 years ago 🙂 My memories of her and her best childhood friend my aunt, are of the three of driving around Tijuana and San Diego singing in the car and being silly girls. Previous to last Sunday the 10th I hadn’t seen Bere since I was 16, so seeing her as Dr. Rebecca was quite the contrast to the silly fun girl I know when I was a kid. My experience as a whole was amazing, everyone involved was totally committed and there because they wanted to be. Being around such dedicated and compassionate human beings is really inspiring. What Bere or Dr.Rebbaca has done with the spay & neuter campaigns is truly nothing less than amazing…I am at a loss for words, I am honored to call myself a volunteer amongst such a special group of people. I will continue to volunteer my time every month because what I felt last Sunday moved me to my core and I now know that we can make a difference if we work together.

Thank you all for this experience I am truly grateful 🙂

Ariana Ampudia

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